About Us

What is smoova?

SMOOVA is a pay it forward initiative to help small businesses Open Online, making the process smoother, simpler, quicker and 100% free.

With an easy-to-use Order Management system which offers Pick-up and Delivery functionality, we can help you get your store online within hours and be ready for you to take orders from your customers via your own page.
You will be listed on our marketplace, so you can be easily found by prospective new local customers.

We offer the ability for you to have your own payment gateway using Stripe or Paypal, which is incredibly easy to set up within minutes, providing you have a valid ABN. Alternatively, you can choose to work with cash, bank transfers or direct payment via your own EFTPOS machines on pick-up. By offering the ability to have your own payment gateway, all funds go directly to your merchant account and there are absolutely no middleman transactions or fees, other than credit card fees Stripe and Paypal may charge. Please read their terms and conditions to find out about their fees.

Smoova is not a middleman but rather the missing puzzle piece connecting small businesses to their customers, by offering an easy-to-use platform to enable small businesses to get connected. We believe in helping others to help themselves.


It all began 23 March 2020, when the world as we know it took a turn in a direction we could never have imagined, COVID lockdown. Many businesses were forced to close and the food services industry was restricted to take-away only. 

On discovering a change.org petition started by Australian TV host and radio presenter Ben Fordham (Food delivery giants should HALVE their restaurant commissions during coronavirus pandemic), Melbourne entrepreneur and software developer Brad Pokroy was shocked and appalled by the exorbitant fees that the giant food delivery companies were charging food service businesses for the use of their platform (fees as high as 35% of each sale).
In an industry which already struggles with extremely tight profit margins, this makes it challenging for businesses to survive even in non-pandemic conditions.


Being a small business owner and software developer with over 20 years of experience, Brad understands what it takes to build software systems with the functionality these corporate giants offer. He believes that it really doesn't justify the ridiculous commission and fees small businesses are being charged to use their services. 

Brad has made it a mission to help small businesses by offering an alternative where they will get to reap the rewards of their hard work instead of a third of their revenue going to multi-billion dollar companies who dominate the industry.


Software should not be a financial drain on businesses, but rather help them to run smoother and more efficiently.

The phrase "Open Online" is about getting businesses up and running online, but also about applying the Open Source software model to Software as a Service(SaaS) for businesses. For those of you who don't know what Open Source software is, I recommend reading up about it here. Open source software forms the building blocks of software development these days, with platforms and frameworks which are available free of charge to accelerate development of new apps and avoid the need to re-invent the wheel every time.
It is thanks to the generosity of the Open Source Software Developer community, which enables the acceleration and innovation via open collaboration and sharing of code, by putting aside the greed and desire to
monetise on every little bit of code.

It is thanks to this community driven "pay it forward" mentality that smoova is able to offer this service free of charge. A big thanks to Sam Poyigi the developer of the Open Source online ordering platform TastyIgniter, which smoova is built on and has enhanced to offer some additional functionality.

With cloud computing and virtual servers being so affordable these days, we are able to run smoova on low cost servers gradually scaling up the servers as the community grows. Our goal is to support local businesses, especially during these tough times and keeping the money in small businesses pockets instead of the global tech giants, by re-evaluating the food ordering and delivery business model to minimise inefficiencies and reduce costs.

With this being a free service we don't have a marketing budget and rather rely on organic growth based on "good will marketing" by the businesses and customers who use our service and are satisfied with it, spreading the word and recommending it to others. We welcome any feedback regarding issues, improvements, desired future features and any suggestions you may have to help improve this service.

Transparency, honesty and good will are the values smoova stands for. We believe that what goes around comes around, in an infinite loop of kindness and abundance.

We are excited to help your business run smoova!

To list your business on smoova to get Open Online, send us an email with details of your business to signup@smoova.com